We are Growth Investors with Truly Active Invesment Process and Strong Risk Management Practices


Investment Philosophy

We are primarily growth investors and believe that earnings and cash flow growth are the long-term drivers of stock performance.

We are guided by our fundamentals-based investment approach with a strong focus on valuation, utilizing a combination of top-down macro study and bottom-up research analysis.

We believe our rigorous investment process and extensive credit research capabilities can deliver sustainable long-term returns and optimal performance for our clients.

Investment Process

Truly Active

Dynamic and high conviction allocation of securities selection

Strong investment discipline

Liquidity focused with strong risk management control

Top-Down Driven

Global and domestic macro insights as sanity check to support our bottom-up stock selection process within our investible universe

Monitor investment risk for changes in adverse regulatory environment and vulnerability of exchange rate

Bottom-Up Fundamental Research

Daily interactions with industry specialist and companies

Build and maintain financial forecasting

Valuations, Earnings and Flows

Primary Proprietary Research

Heavy in visits (listed, non-listed, industry experts, regulators, governments, etc) to regional area and overseas

Key advantage of having on-the-ground in-house research team